The Paradox: To be a typical med school applicant you have to be out to prove you are not a typical med school applicant.

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July 19, 2010 by Emedica

My name is Nabila and like countless others I am striving to prove that I am a future doctor.

This is my first ever blog and I’m really pleased that have offered me this opportunity.

This is largely for three reasons,  firstly,  having been through the medical application process previously,  I know we applicants are a pretty nervous,  jittery,  worrying bunch and I hope this will help me with stress-control and allow me to retain my sanity.

Secondly I’m generally the sort of person who’ll open up and tell you my life story with a little prompting so a blog will suit my temperament perfectly.

Finally,  it’s in my nature and appropriate to my ambitions of being a doctor (please someday?!) that I take the time to help others as much as I can and I hope that sharing my experiences will give my readers someone they can relate to and let them know they are not alone – I am going through it with you and are here to help.

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