Desperately competing for a place in Dental School? Me too! …..

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August 31, 2010 by Emedica

Hi, I’m Kirstie.  In September I’ll be entering the upper sixth studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry, with IT as my AS which I shall be dropping this year, I’m also studying Critical Thinking.

Like thousands of others, I am desperately competing for a place in Dental School.

As you can probably tell, I am quite the amateur at blogging; this is my first, and I will be writing about my journey as I navigate the UKCAT exam and make my application to university.

Most people I meet who are applying to study Dentistry seem to have a matched set of Dentist Parents, but for me the reason is mainly that when working I like to see the results of my work immediately and in front of me and I like to work with my hands. I know that this is what many applicants say, and it’s not exactly the best thing to say, but I can’t actually imagine doing something in the future that does not actively involve my hands.

With Dentistry, I hope I would be able to have direct impact on society and perhaps have the odd superhero moments –  of course, only if I’m lucky enough to get there.

I hope that anyone reading this blog will find reassurance in seeing that I am struggling with the same things that others are and I hope my words help my companions on this journey.

I guess that’s enough for an intro and  I need to get on with preparing for my UKCAT exam on Thursday so I guess its so long for now – I’ll be back soon!

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