Booking the UKCAT Test – 2 weeks stress

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September 15, 2010 by Emedica

What a couple of weeks I have had!  Mid-July I had started studying for the UKCAT and was already feeling great after finding myself a better strategy for the verbal reasoning section thanks to practicing online.

I decided to book the exam for the end of July. To my amazement, although the test center in Finland was in the system, there were no open dates! Frantically I called up the test center and found out that as my luck would have it, all of the officials were on holiday…… all at once!

A week later one of them returned and delivered to me the news that they would no longer be arranging UKCAT at that test centre.   Panicky phone call to UK and I hear they don’t have a contract with any other centre in Finland and I’d have to travel abroad to take the exam.  Not only would that mean extra costs once again but that I would have to sit the UKCAT in a foreign location so goodbye  relaxed state of mind before the exam!   This could seriously jeopardize my score.   I slowly came to terms with this (seemingly) disatrous news that week and decided that I’d just have to suck it up and do it,  what doctor isn’t required to work under stress?

So back online to book the test in Estonia and to my surprise the Finnish center had open slots! I booked one quickly and just in case I had dreamed the whole thing I called them again the next day: “Because of the holidays, a new test center could not be arranged so we extended our contract after all”.  Sigh of relief! So now I’m set to take the exam beginning of August, 2 weeks later than intended at first but well, minor setback and stress, better get used to it!   Now should get my head down and practice like crazy online!

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