UKCAT test day – my experience of the actual test!

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July 26, 2012 by Emedica

Day of the UKCAT

Anna Greathead

I followed all the advice and got to my 10am test venue at 9.15! I parked at the car park opposite (which was a mistake as it cost me £11). I found a place to have coffee to kill some time and arrived at the test venue at 9.45.

Most of the people there were not taking the UKCAT – mostly they seemed to be taking their Theory Driving Test. The check in was straightforward – they looked at my passport and driving license – check ID requirements here: I put all my personal stuff in a locker (free) and all I took into the room was my key.

I was called in to start a few minutes early and ushered to my screen. The test then started.

I found the timing quite tight. I only finished the Verbal Reasoning with any time to spare. I had three new format (not true / false / can’t tell) questions.

The quantitative reasoning was slightly easier than I had been expecting based on my preparation. I needed my erasable whiteboard for it – and when I asked for a new one he took the old one (complete with some of my working out!) away! Bear this in mind! I didn’t finish but it was OK.

Abstract reasoning is always my blind spot – I spotted a couple of the rules (or thought I did!) but mainly used intuition (aka guessing) quite a lot and still ran out of time.

I found Decision Analysis the hardest section which is odd as in preparation it had been my strongest point. Some of the code tables were really large and some of the codes very long.

The new SJT section (not marked in 2012) came after – I clicked through it really quickly. I did read and answer every question but there wasn’t a lot of reading and no working out so it was quick.

I then raised my hand and was ushered out where I got my stuff back and was given a print out with my results:

Verbal Reasoning: 770

Quantitative Reasoning: 700

Abstract Reasoning: 700

Decision Analysis: 640

Total: 2810 (average 702.5)

I was very pleased!

That was my test day – how was yours?

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