How much UKCAT practice should I do?

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August 2, 2012 by Emedica

How much practice is enough?

Anna Greathead


Predictably this is like asking ‘How long is a piece of string?’

Certainly some practice is imperative if you’re serious about getting a good score. It is tempting, and a very common error, to assume that bright and able people will breeze through the UKCAT. What it is important to realise is that the UKCAT is devised to differentiate between bright people! The only people who are taking it are aspiring doctors and dentists – they’re all going to be quite well served in IQ points!

The UKCAT is an aptitude test so the preparation you do cannot be ‘revision’. Practice will be to familiarise yourself with the format, to get yourself up to speed on necessary skills and to spur you on in areas of weakness.

A couple of hours a day for a few weeks is probably typical of high scoring UKCAT students. A thirty mark per section improvement might not sound much but it can certainly push you above average… or into a higher percentile.

Also – resist the temptation to only practice your strongest or weakest areas. It might be that the weak area can’t improve much and the strong area could pull up your overall score. Conversely – don’t ignore the weak area – a bit of practice might improve your score and some Universities insist that every area has a minimum score.


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