Tips for UKCAT Decision Analysis

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August 20, 2012 by Emedica

Decision Analysis Hints and Tips

Anna Greathead

Write it out literally

Using your white board it is often really helpful to simply write it out. You may end up with something like this:

Small (Like animal) (eat increase) opposite (cold time)

Although it reads in a rather clunky manner it is relatively easy to see that it equates to:

Something animal like and small eats more at warm times

Which then can be seen to match with:

Insects eat more in summer months

Try to memorise common codes which change meanings

These might be like opposite or increase. They will need to be used a lot to make the final sentences and not having to look it up every time will save precious seconds.

Take note of the symbols

The use of symbols is a bit mathematical – brackets should be worked out as a combination, two codes directly together without a space also should be considered together.

Remember that every code symbol will be represented in the answer

If it says ‘past’ somewhere the answer will be written in the past tense or refer to something that has happened. If a code for ‘personal’ is used then it will probably be written in the first person or at least be about oneself.

Anna Greathead is part of the E-learning team at We have over 100 free UKCAT questions for you to try. We also have over 1700 UKCAT questions with the same screen layout as the real thing.

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