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September 7, 2012 by Emedica

Hello! I’m Humayra and, in September, I’ll be going into Y13 to continue my A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and Psychology. I’ll be carrying on with three of the four subjects to A2, but I’m not sure yet which subject I’ll be dropping.

Like so many others, I want to become a doctor. I’ll be applying to study medicine at university for 2013 entry.

I’ve just finished my work experience placement at a local hospital where I’ve been shadowing consultants, registrars, junior doctors and nurses in numerous different departments, and I have loved every moment. I’ve been told that a lot of people complete their placements and realise that they no longer want to become a doctor – I can’t imagine why! Yes, it’s nowhere near as glamorous as they make it appear to be on TV, but there’s never a boring day.

I enjoy the patient contact and there’s always something to keep you interested, even on the slow days. It’s very unpredictable – some days everyone’s rushed off their feet and other days they’re struggling to keep busy. It was nice to see both sides.

I found it especially helpful to talk to the junior doctors. Most of them haven’t decided on what they want to specialise in and won’t have to for a little while, which is good news as I’m not sure yet! That’s another thing I love about medicine – it’s such a broad field. You could become anything: a gastroenterologist, a cardiologist, a dietician, an acute physician – anything.

Anyway, becoming a doctor is the aim in the long run. Right now, it’s getting into university to study medicine! Hopefully it’ll happen.

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