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September 10, 2012 by Emedica

‘With so many hoops to jump through and hurdles to accomplish, the prospect of getting into medical school seems an unfeasible challenge; rather like the prospect of scoring gold at the Olympics or winning the lottery. If the need to undertake a sporty musical volunteering lifestyle in addition to the hours spent with your head implanted in a Chemistry textbook didn’t scare you enough – incomes the dreaded UKCAT, baffling almost everyone in its path and bringing about a sense of angst and greatest concern to even the most confident applicants.

For me my first experience of medicine was when I was 6. I had fallen down a spiral staircase impaled my foot on a metal spike and blood was gushing from it. This was the first moment that I can recall seeing a doctor and how thankful I was that he had taken the pain away. It was my dream from this point to be able to heal other people and so this led to my initial hope to become a paediatrician and to treat young people. However, after spending some time during my work experience with a paediatrician I was greeted with the tough, hard hitting reality of not only being faced with such ill children but their terrified parents too. Each week it seems I change my mind over what specialty I would love to be a part of, though this is one of the many things that excites me so much towards a possible career in medicine.

I am now 17 and all I know is that I would love to be the individual, or part of the team, that make the unforgettable difference to hundreds of people’s lives – to cure patients of their illnesses and support their friends and families alongside them. Nevertheless for now, the UKCAT seems to be the next stepping stone along the way and I hope that with the help of the well renowned ‘’, the next step of the trail could be uncovered.’

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