Kiran books the UKCAT

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September 17, 2012 by Emedica

After many weeks of procrastination, I finally picked up the courage to book my test. I always had a date in the back of my mind, and then slowly pushed it back and back. Then I finally came to the realization that the quicker I get the test out of the way, the sooner I can enjoy my time! That’s the one thing I like about the UKCAT – if you can put a few hours a day for around 2 weeks, it is just as valuable (in my opinion) as several months of preparation.


With the test booked, I thought I would make a mini timetable just to keep on track with the practice. I am really glad that I have access to online practice materials! That’s the one thing I am finding useful for UKCAT. It feels so silly rationing the online tests etc, like they are some Ferrero Rocher chocolate, but it’s the best way to get in the right mindset in time for the actual test.


I booked my test for 11.30am, so my plan is to have a late breakfast, then get on the road. In New Zealand, there are only 2 places where I can sit – In Auckland (a major city about 1hour 30minutes away from me) or Christchurch (in the south island). I obviously chose Auckland, and actually enjoy car rides prior to stressful situations!

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