Kiran’s UKCAT! Her score and her experience

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September 28, 2012 by Emedica

After finishing the test, I was really scared to press “end exam” as I thought that my results might just pop up onto the screen! They didn’t! They got printed out at the front reception.

Before getting the score, I felt positive with the Quantitative reasoning as it was very similar to all the practice material. Although there was no mean, median, mode questions which are my favorite. I was expecting more complex volume / area questions. I was also really gutted there were no pie charts!

I was not feeling to confident with the abstract reasoning section, as I found it more difficult than what I had been practicing. I think it is because I never got any of the “odd number / even number” or “number of intersections” questions. With only 12 seconds per question, there really was no time for second guessing.

To come to the score:

verbal reasoning 570
quantitative reasoing 670
abstract reasoning 620
decision analysis 790


I managed to get a 662.5 average. I am not really sure how that stands, but I am glad I got over the 650 mark. My best section was decision analysis and the worst being verbal reasoning. It’s funny because I was most confident about verbal reasoning prior to beginning UKCAT preparation. I think it’s because you are often told to focus on your weaknesses, even though you enjoy doing your strengths. With the verbal reasoning, being the first section, you tend to still be adjusting to the test environment, and with the tight time allocation, it is easy to freeze up and not think clearly.

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