Humayra’s UKCAT results!

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November 23, 2012 by Emedica

I’d forgotten what it was like to not feel so stressed! The past few days have been incredibly stressful but I’m glad that it’s all over now. I’ve managed to catch a cold – I guess my immune system’s taken a hit with all the stressing, oops. But I’ve done the test, despite all the hiccups, and I have my results. They’re not as high as I wanted them to be but they’re a lot higher than some of the averages I was getting in the practise tests, so I’m happy!

Verbal Reasoning – 650

Quantitative Reasoning – 700

Abstract Reasoning – 630

Decision Analysis – 660

That works out to an average of 660 in each section, which is still pretty good, eh?

In all honesty, I’m just happy to have gotten over 600! I can’t believe my highest score was in quantitative reasoning! That was the section I was doing the worst in, and I got the highest in it, that’s brilliant! Abstract reasoning was a killer. I couldn’t figure out many of the rules at all, I’m chuffed to have gotten over 550 in that. The other two were more or less what I expected.

All my scores are fairly consistent, unlike in the practice tests, and I was really surprised with each individual score considering the amount of questions I’d left out in each section because I’d run out of time. If I could go back, I’d have left at least 30secs at the end of each section just to guess the ones that I hadn’t gotten round to answering yet, might have gotten a few extra points by luck, but I’m still happy with the score. Just so so glad it’s over! I’m going to call up the universities I’m applying to later on and check if my UKCAT score is satisfactory.

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