Charlotte’s UKCAT day and her results

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November 26, 2012 by Emedica

I am so relieved it is all over and done with! My initial feelings after the test are that the verbal reasoning didn’t go quite as well as it could have done, with me realising some of my answers were definitely wrong. During the quantitative I had a small panic to start with but managed to get a few answers I was confident with. The abstract however I felt went so much better than I thought it could have done, the patterns were so much more straight forward than the 600UKCAT questions book I was also using, and even slightly easier than the website. The decision also felt like it went pretty well however the codes were often much longer and you had to retain more words than on previous practices I did.

When I got my results I got:
Verbal Reasoning – 530

Quantitative – 680

Abstract – 670

Decision -640

With an average of 630

I was quite disappointed by my verbal reasoning score as this really dragged my average down but I was definitely happy with the other three. The abstract practice definitely paid off, as I imagine having had no practice I could quite easily have slipped below the 600 mark.

After talking to some friends who have also taken the test it seems to us that the decision often feels like it goes brilliantly during the test, but the result doesn’t quite reflect that. We put it down to the fact that the majority of people tend to find that the most straightforward section and so when the 300 to 900 scale was created, more people did better and so it is more challenging to score a higher score.

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