Charlotte considers her University options

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November 28, 2012 by Emedica

Medicine is definitely a university course where you need to play to your best qualities when it comes to where to apply. It is very important to have a look round lots of universities to check you would really love to go there, but if you are stuck between where to choose  because you like some the same amount, it is vital to check what that university wants in an applicant and check that you have that!

For example Newcastle, I loved Newcastle on the open day but unfortunately their UKCAT cut off is likely to be at least 670 next year so I decided that it wouldn’t be sensible to apply there as I would be wasting one of my four choices. On the other hand if you have a high UKCAT score, Newcastle is definitely one worth considering because if you are predicted 3A’s and your UKCAT is above the cut off, you are guaranteed an interview.

I loved Sheffield on open day and after contacting admissions I was told that with a score of over 600 they do not consider the UKCAT any further. I was ecstatic with this response as I loved the university when I visited.

Similarly I loved Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds on their open days too. Bristol and Birmingham don’t look at the UKCAT score at all, but tend to place a greater focus on GCSE results and AS levels (Birmingham in particular – requiring 4A’s at AS level) and Leeds tend to look for an all rounded person, scoring your application on all the components. I have therefore applied to these four universities as I loved them so much on open day. I have recently sent my ucas form off to them!

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