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May 13, 2013 by Emedica

Hi my name is Karis. I am currently attending Kingston University where I am studying biomedical science.  I am enjoying the course and I am now in my last year, however, my final goal is to be able to study medicine and hopefully to fulfil my dream of becoming a general practitioner. Studying biomedical science has shown me a small insight into the world of medicine and shown me several of the skills I will need in the future. From an early age I have always wanted to become a doctor, to be able to help people and change peoples’ lives for the better. In school I really enjoyed science and always questioned answers as to why they were true. But I feel my heart lies within the first line of contact with patients. I want to be the one interacting with them and taken the results a biomedical scientist finds and offering the patients with the options of treatment. I feel biomedical science has given me a very interesting insight into the world of medicine and I can’t wait to be able to study further and learn more. As of this i am hoping to apply for graduate entry medicine in 2014.

This is easier said than done! As it means throughout my degree I have had to find time for my hobbies, shadowing GPs, exploring the world of biomedical science and volunteer work. There is also the factor of completing my UCAS application, which includes a personal statement, completing the final year of my degree and to prepare for the UKCAT. I feel preparation is the best advice you can give anyone and this is why I have already started investigating the whole UKCAT process.

Whilst I was on the internet I found the site UKCATprep, I was able to look around at blogs from applicants from last year and finding out how stressful other people are finding this whole stage of their lives has in a way relieved me and gave me more confidence that I can do this! No one said it would be easy but in the end I know it will all be worth it.

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