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May 15, 2013 by Emedica

Between the 9th of October when the Universities received my application to the 10th of January when my first response arrived, I had not heard anything – 3 months of waiting and the first UCAS update I received was a rejection from Bristol. It isn’t easy to receive a rejection when you’ve spent so long preparing an application, getting the work experience you need, the UKCAT scores and the grades for applying, to be told that you aren’t good enough to be offered an interview.

Only one down, 3 more chances to go! 8 days later and some BRILLIANT news arrived in my inbox, Leeds were offering me an interview! I could not have been happier, nor could I have been more nervous for the day of the interview – I had just over a week to prepare. At Leeds the interview process has changed this year to an MMI (multiple mini interview) procedure. 8 stations each 7 minutes long, with 1 minute in between each to read the instructions for the next station. The MMI’s tested lots of different areas of each candidate, from questions about the personal statement, to questions about recent news as well as an essay about a medicine relevant topic and an acting station too. While it sounded scary I thoroughly enjoyed the way the interview worked (well as much as you can enjoy an interview with the amount of nerves I had!). I felt exhausted after the hour was up but one thing that really stuck out in my mind was how truly friendly everyone was at Leeds and how much they helped calm your nerves and made you feel at home. I was desperate to find out whether I had done enough but was told we wouldn’t hear until the end of March – the waiting continues!

Two more pre-interview rejections came through over the next couple of months and all the pressure was firmly laid on how that one Leeds interview had gone. Continually playing over every station in my head I drove myself pretty insane worrying about what I could do nothing about. All I could do was sit back and wait, and try to keep positive!

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