Karis prepares for the UKCAT!

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May 27, 2013 by Emedica

So, my examinations and dissertation are complete for my final year of Biomedical Science. Now after a few days rest it is time to continue preparing for my application for graduate entry Medicine! This is easier said than done as I need to prepare for UKCAT, (which I have booked for late July), whilst completing my personal statement and UCAS application and keeping up with volunteer work and my full time job for the summer!


Out of the five sub categories for the UKCAT I find the quantitative reasoning the most difficult; not because of the actual questions but because of the time limit. However, I would advise you strongly that the best way to improve is to practise, practise and practise! With this in mind UKCATprep.com has been my life saver as the practice questions are really helping me to improve. I like the way they offer timed, SEN or untimed options so I can firstly practise without pressure, then when my confidence has grown I can go on to try the timed questions.


Another important step I have to decide is my final decisions on which medical schools I would like to apply to. Whilst there is a lot of choice for graduate entry medicine, competition is fierce and so I really need to choose a course that is looking for the qualities I have.


I feel one of the most important aspects of this time of year is using your time wisely and being prepared every step of the way.

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