How UKCAT is scored

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July 19, 2013 by Emedica

I get regular queries as to why sometimes UKCAT scores are represented in 100s and sometimes in 1000s! Here’s a breakdown on what all those numbers mean.

Each cognitive section of UKCAT (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning and decision analysis) is scored between 300 and 900. You get 300 points just for turning up! The situational judgement section is marked differently and you are placed within a band, rather than getting a raw score.

If someone got a UKCAT score like this:

Verbal Reasoning 650

Quantitative Reasoning 690

Abstract Reasoning 600

Decision Analysis 680

Situational Judgement Band 2

Their total score would be 2620

Their average score would be 655

The distinction is important because different universities are interested in different numbers. Some universities have cut off point based on total score. Some universities want a certain score in every section. Your average is a quick shorthand which gives an overall flavour of how well UKCAT went for you.

And – what is a good score? UKCAT aim for 600 to be the average section score though in reality this moves around a little bit. A total score of 2700+ would have put you in the top 20% in 2012.


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