Hannah’s UKCAT Tips! Decision Analysis

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July 26, 2013 by Emedica

Decision Analysis is one of my favourite sections. I find it almost entirely logical although, as always, timing is of paramount importance.

Here are some techniques for the different type of questions you will face:

Translation of code:

Most of your questions will be in this format, a sentence of code with answer options in English. The best technique is to write a direct word for word translation of the code using the code table. Then compare your translation to the available options. Picking the closest one shouldn’t be that difficult.

Coding English sentence:

This question type is the exact opposite of the previous one and can take longer. My tried and tested method is to make your own coded sentence and then compare it to the answer options. It’s usually straightforward to find the closest match.

Missing words:

This question type asks you which extra words you would need from the answer options to code a given English sentence. Again, a good method is to attempt to code the sentence to work out which words you need from the options.

Another idea to help you keep to time is when writing out English translations of code, instead of writing the full word, use a symbol or simple icon you will remember, some examples:

↑ = increase / more

↓ = decrease / less

↔ = opposite

a = positive / enjoy

♥ = love / desire

You might like to draw a quick stick person or animal, or a book (study / knowledge / learn). If you want to use this technique, make sure you use pictures that make sense to you and will help you speed up.


We have over 100 free UKCAT questions for you to try. We also have over 2000 fully updated UKCAT questions, with the same screen layout as the real thing. The service reflects all the new changes for the current year.

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