Anna’s UKCAT #mark2


August 2, 2013 by Emedica

I took my UKCAT in the first week but the test was interrupted by a fire alarm so was invalidated. I was very pleased with my section scores – except for Decision Analysis – though!

My re-sit was this afternoon. I had to go to a different testing centre and the appointment was 5pm. I am afraid this will turn (temporarily!) into a ‘do as I say and not as I do’ exercise because not only did I not properly investigate where the test was before I set out but I also failed to leave enough time to get there on time. My Sat Nav told me it would take 37 minutes to get there and I had 50 but my sat nav didn’t know about the traffic, the roadworks, the learner drivers and the antagonistic red lights I was to encounter!

I arrived at my test centre at 5.15 – ready to beg, cry, plead and implore…. but none of it was necessary. The lady on the first desk just went through the procedure and the man on the second desk gave me a mild telling off!

The test was pretty much the same. I think I had 40 out of 44 the same verbal reasoning questions. There were three sets (12 questions) of true / false / can’t tell questions and the rest were all the long type.

In quantitative reasoning I had one new data set but I recognised many of the questions and STILL ran out of time. My hot tip for QR is:

  • If the maths on one QR set is hard work then flag it for review (you never know – you may have time to revisit), guess an answer and move on. The next data set may be more straightforward.

This way you get to answer correctly the questions you can do and properly understand without spending too long trying to comprehend the maths. It’s better to guess the questions you’re not going to get a certain answer to than the ones where maybe you might.

In abstract reasoning I think I had all the same questions. I spotted all the same rules and even think I spotted a couple of new ones! Yay me! Again – I didn’t encounter any new style questions.

Decision analysis was the section I didn’t get to last time so it was new. I am always tired by this point in the test and it is my weakest area. I found that when the codes got really long I couldn’t write them out in my booklet across the page so:

  • Decision analysis tip – turn the page to the landscape orientation so you have enough room to write the whole translation on one line (or use smaller handwriting!)

I really felt my concentration flagging at this point and had to work hard to stay focused.

In the situational judgement I recognised many of the scenarios and questions from last time and once more found it quite straightforward.

And…. drum roll please…. my magic numbers:

  • Verbal Reasoning 860
  • Quantitative Reasoning 840
  • Abstract Reasoning 900
  • Decision Analysis 750
  • Situational Judgement Band 1

Not bad! Total score of 3350, average score of 837.5.


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4 thoughts on “Anna’s UKCAT #mark2

  1. Hi Emily

    Congrats on your scores. I’m really struggling to revise ukcat. It’s so hard and particularly the QR. Howdid you prepare for your ukcat? I wish I get the same scores as you

    • Emedica says:

      Everyone finds QR is very hard. Not because the maths itself is difficult but because first you have to find out what sum they’re asking you to do and then you have to do it quickly. I would recommend as much practice as you can – BBC GCSE Bitesize is great for honing those skills – and being vigilant about timing.

      However – everyone runs out of time in QR. It’s possible to get a respectable score having just guessed the last 5 or more questions (as I did!). My one tip would be to guess and skip any questions which look like they’ll take ages. You can always come back and look if you have time left over at the end and the next set might be quicker and easier for you to do.

  2. Annie says:

    Anna that is an AMAZING score, you deserved it as you went though a second test which would make anyone feel even MORE anxious! Well done, and I hope I can get as good a score as you 😀

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