Time Management and Tomatoes!

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August 9, 2013 by Emedica

You know how it is, you’ve worked hard all year, ok, most of your life, and now you finally have a break before A2, and it is actually SUMMER! The last thing you want to spend your time doing is preparing for the UKCAT. The problem is, you really do need to if you want to maximise your score and your options for which universities you can apply to. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to organise your time so you can prepare for the UKCAT and do all the other cool stuff you have planned?

Well there is, and it’s called the Pomodoro Technique® (http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/). The technique is a method of time management developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s and the Pomodoro Technique® is a registered trademark. The basic principle is, you set yourself a certain amount of time in which to work on your task or activity, during which time you are allowed no interruptions or distractions. That means no checking your emails, reading the news, catching up on social media or taking calls.

“How long do I have to do that?!” I hear you ask, well, a ‘pomodoro’ is 25 minutes but you could work up to that from 10 or 15 minutes if going cold turkey scares you. The good news is, after your ‘pomodoro’ is up, you can reward yourself with whatever activity you like for 5 minutes (or a chocolate bar!).

The result is that instead of spending 2 and a half hours ‘preparing’ but really chatting to your friends on FB, you separate out your preparation from the more fun stuff so your 2.5 hours could become 1 hour 40 minutes preparation and 35 minutes fun stuff, much more efficient and beneficial. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of achievement for actually getting on with your UKCAT preparation instead of procrastinating.

It’s a technique that will stand you in good stead for your UKCAT and beyond!

This blog is not affiliated with, associated with, or endorsed by the Pomodoro Technique® or Francesco Cirillo.


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