Just for fun! Another UKCAT poem!

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August 13, 2013 by Emedica

Verbal reasoning is not about comprehension

It’s the inferred, implied and definitive in tension

Is it certainly true? False? Is the text quite conclusive?

It’s hidden and slippery, the facts and figures elusive

The names are all foreign and the acronyms complex

And the text’s about obscure, confused and strange subjects


Quantitative reasoning is not A level mathematics

Shame for lovers of formulae and equation athletics

It’s just GCSE level when the sum is extracted

From the table, graph, plan, chart where it’s been compacted

And the clock clicks on downwards and the screen calculator

Sits in four function mocking at the hapless enumerator


Abstract reasoning with strange shapes, patterns, lines

And a rule or two obscured by distracting false signs

It’s a world where the edge, or the corner, or place

Tells between A and B, whilst resembling blank space

Symmetry, rotation, shading, counts, intersection

May help you out, or send you in the wrong direction!


Decision analysis with its vast code filled table

Where 1 can mean personal, X can mean stable

Where 2 makes it more and # makes it personal

And 3 makes it opposite whilst A makes it functional

And there’s brackets and groupings and significant gaps

And a multitude of codes concealing multiple traps

Situational judgement where fictional students,

And med staff and patients suffer such gruelling

Scenarios full of ethical dilemma and drama

That surely they’d stretch even the Dalai Lama

Remember confidential, think respect and integrity

And you’re likely to be within bounds of acceptability

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