Universities placing moderate importance on UKCAT

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August 15, 2013 by Emedica

Most universities consider the UKCAT ‘moderately’ – that is they don’t have a strict cut off score but they do consider it alongside all of the other factors such as your academic history, your predicted grades and your personal statement.

Some universities are very explicit as to the exact proportion of their ‘shall we invite them to an interview’ score is made up by UKCAT but others are more vague. Most of them, however, say that once a candidate has been invited for interview these factors cease to come into play and that every candidate has a level playing field from that point.

Here is a brief summary of how these universities look at UKCAT scores.

  • University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine – There is no minimum cut off and UKCAT scores are used in conjuction with other factors. (in 2012 offers were made to candidates with UKCAT scores between 2280 and 3180)
  • Dundee University, Faculty of Medicine – UKCAT score is factored into pre-interview rank. Weighting varies each year but is expected to be around 45% Academic Score, 30% UKCAT decile, 25% Non academic achievement. After candidates are invited for interview there is a clean slate with no carryover of the pre-interview rank.
  • University of Durham
    – Applicants fulfilling the academic threshold will then be assessed on their UKCAT scores. The threshold differs annually.
  • The University of Edinburgh, Faculty of Medicine
    – Score allocated by UKCAT rank is added to your final ranking. UKCAT maye be looked at again in borderline instances
  • University of Exeter Medical School- Candidates are ranked using academic profile and UKCAT score prior to interview
  • University of Glasgow – Ranked by academic score, then by UKCAT prior to interview
  • King’s College London School of Medicine – A strong academic score will make the UKCAT less significant and there is no universal cut off. However – in 2013 entry most applicants had scored at least 695.
  • University of Leeds, School of Medicine- UKCAT is used alongside all other factors for scoring.
  • University of Leicester, Leicester Medical School- Academic score and UKCAT score given equal weight prior to interview.
  • University of Manchester, Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
    – rank other factors and UKCAT scores within educational and socio-demograhic groups and interview equal proportions of applicants from each group
  • University of Newcastle- Applicants fulfilling the academic threshold will then be assessed on their UKCAT scores. The threshold differs annually.
  • University of Nottingham, Faculty of Medicine- UKCAT has a weighting of 48% (GCSEs 21%, Personal Statement 16%, Online questionnaire 15%)
  • Queen’s University Belfast, Faculty of Medicine- UKCAT score earns a candidate between 0 – 6 points which contribute to their overall score
  • University of East Anglia- UKCAT section scores are considered alongside the component scores.

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