How to be organised!

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August 17, 2013 by Emedica

Are you one of those people who wishes you were more organised? You see people with colour co-ordinated revision notes, who hand in assignments early and who never do all-nighters and wonder how they do it? The truth is, although being organised may come naturally to some people, it is possible to learn to be more organised, here are some tips and techniques to help you do just that.

The To-Do List

This might seem simple enough, maybe your problem is that once something is on your to-do list, it stays there! However, the to-do list can be utilised to make it a really effective tool to keep you organised and productive.

Imagine you make a list of the following tasks:

Blog - table 1

The items on the list are all jumbled up; it would be easier to see what you have to do if the items were grouped like this:

Blog - table 2a

Now that we can see the task groups, we can begin to prioritise. So now our to-do list needs to become a to-do table.


To complete the ‘Do When?’ column, it is much easier to create a weekly timetable. Let’s see what our timetable of the above activities looks like.


Now it is much easier to see what time you have available and when to fit everything in. You can adapt the timetable when things change, for example, holidays, exams, etc. Even if you don’t stick to it absolutely, it doesn’t matter, because, for example, you might meet up with friends on Monday afternoon instead of revising. As long as you make the time up later in the week, you should be able to keep on top of things.

To help you prioritise tasks


In an ideal world you would spend the majority of your time working within Quadrants 2 and 3. Quadrant 1 is stressful and means you haven’t been well organised! Quadrant 4 is time wasting activity – remember it is always important to have some ‘down time’ so relaxation would be in Quadrant 2.

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