Universities which place high importance on UKCAT


August 21, 2013 by Emedica

If you do very well in your UKCAT then the world is your oyster and you’re not restricted at all in your university applications! These universities won’t look at candidates with a poor UKCAT so if yours is good then these are open options for you. However – not all of these universities have high UKCAT standards – they just consider the UKCAT in a much more significant way in their application proceedures.

  • Barts and the London School of Medicine- Cut off at 2400, candidates won’t be considered with a UKCAT below this
  • Hull York Medical school- Cut off at 450 per section or 2400. If you get a UKCAT of 2800 or above you are guaranteed an interview
  • Imperial School of Medicine London- The cut off changes annually but in 2013 it was 640 (average)
  • Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine – The ‘target’ (cut off) score changes annually and is based on sections. In 2012 it was 530 VR, 570 QR, 560 AR and 570 DA
  • University of Sheffield School of Medicine- If you meet their minimum academic requirements and are in the top 20% of UKCAT scores you will get a first round interview. They’re unlikely to consider applications with a UKCAT below 2600.
  • St George’s University of London- Cut off of 500 in each section
  • University of Warwick, Warwick Medical School- No official threshold but in practice they concede it is around 2660

There is much more detailed information about how universities use the UKCAT in our applicant guide which is free to download from our website.



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8 thoughts on “Universities which place high importance on UKCAT

  1. MattK says:

    Warwick is generally much higher these days: We’re talking >685 last year, and probably higher this year.

  2. Anju Kombara says:

    Isn’t BMAT the one test for Imperial? Do they look at our UKCAT scores as well?

  3. does the same trend exist for 2015 entry applicants as well?

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