SJT: Key domains – Integrity

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September 22, 2013 by Emedica

The situational judgement part of the UKCAT is there to test your professional and ethical instincts. These kinds of tests are used extensively in medical and dental education, training and specialties. This is the first of many SJTs you will take if you pursue a medical career!

This is the first of a series of posts explaining some of the things the examiners will be looking for in this section of the UKCAT.

Integrity – or honesty or probity

Integrity is a core principle in many professions. It could be summed up, possibly, as ‘doing the right thing’.

Some examples of how integrity may be tested in a Situational Judgement test is exploring your attitudes to admitting to mistakes.

We may have a human inclination to pretend it wasn’t us when something goes wrong but within medicine this can genuinely cost lives. This doesn’t mean a soul-searching and widely broadcast ‘dirty linen’ washing session but rather a willingness to quickly and appropriately, make sure that everyone who needs to know the full situation knows the full situation.

Use of resources

Integrity ensures that resources are used appropriately. Resources can mean anything from equipment and materials to someone’s time and expertise. Their proper use will be that for which they were designed or purchased for.

It’s unlikely that anything as bald as theft will arise in an SJT – that’s simply too obvious. However – ‘borrowing’ a crutch from a ward when you sprain your ankle, or spending half an hour on a personal phone call to the bank to sort out an account change… they seem much more reasonable but are still inadvisable without the consent and knowledge of your boss.


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