UKCAT Crammer Course – David’s day

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November 11, 2013 by Emedica

Hi, I’m David and I’m just starting my second year at Northampton School for boys sixth form studying the A-levels: Chemistry, Biology and History and since a very early age I’ve always known what I wanted to do, and that of course is to become a doctor.

Now as I’m sure we all know one of the main hurdles (after your A-levels of course) is the dreaded UKCAT and with one month to go until my booked test I was getting pretty worried, luckily I found on twitter and they offered me the amazing opportunity to be a part of one of their prep courses and of course I took the offer!

The day itself didn’t start how I had hoped, I turned up half an hour late and worried I wouldn’t get in, but luckily I hadn’t missed too much and Anna went through the first few minutes with me in the break. We started with an introduction to the UKCAT itself as a whole, which really cleared up a lot of the questions I was worried about and then the work began! We began with a brief introduction to each of the UKCAT sections in turn, we would then take a scaled down practice test of each of the sections: verbal reasoning, quantitive reasoning, abstract reasoning, decision analysis and situational judgement. We would then mark our papers as a group and ask any questions we needed during the explanation of the answers (don’t worry we didn’t have to tell everyone our scores) and this I feel was one of the best aspects of the course.

Actually having someone who knew the direct answers to all of the questions the whole group was feeling really instilled a sense of calmness in me about the test that I was desperately looking for. The company of fellow students also going through the same worries I was helped to ease my mind and that’s the key to the UKCAT. It’s all about coping under pressure, anyone could do the test so easily and get full marks as long as we remained calm, that’s the sticky bit, and this UKCAT course gave me the calmness in the weeks and days before the test I needed.




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