After the Crammer Course – David’s UKCAT day

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November 25, 2013 by Emedica

So this was it: 12 years of hard work at school, countless hours of revision, missed parties and sleepless nights, this is what it came down too. The UKCAT. I remember shaking as I put my personal belongings into the locker and was shown into my individual booth, I put my photo ID and locker key on the space provided and sat down, so very aware of the cameras pointing at me.

Before the test started I began my deep breathing I had practiced the night before, along with all of that cramming, and remembered what I had told my mum the night before: “I can do it, it’s just a matter of whether my brain lets me.” With that I began the test, of course I had done my fair share of practice tests before so knew what I was reading, so instead I let myself focus out for a minute and began the test.

I began with verbal reasoning fully aware of the fact it was one of my weaker points, the long scripts threw me at first but I began to hit my stride soon. Next came the quantative reasoning, perhaps my weakest aspect and I was thrown, number all over the place and I didn’t know where to look, until I saw the timer ticked to 17 minutes and kicked myself into action, next came abstract and then decision analysis, both flashed by in next to no time at all and I had no idea how I had done. Then came situational judgement, the one in which I had seen so many of my friends fail in and a calm came over me, I decided to look at each question as if the person the question was in relation to was one of my best friends and it suddenly became all so easy. You wouldn’t go behind your best friends back, you wouldn’t tell them off in front of a group, you would treat them with respect and look out for their best interests as best you could.

Then of course came the results which caused me to do a double take, I have decided I am taking a gap year so went into the UKCAT not excepting a lot after little revision bar the UKCAT prep day, and all I can say is that without that day and the people from UKCAT, the 30th of September would have left me feeling extremely different to the way I left that test centre and all I can do is thank them.

Verbal Reasoning: 690

Quantitative Reasoning: 620

Abstract Reasoning: 660

Decision Analysis: 750

Situational Judgement: Band 2


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