Anna takes the UKCAT…. again

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July 3, 2014 by Emedica

For the fourth time I dug out my passport and headed to the test centre to take the UKCAT.

I have literally done NO formal preparation for this test other than my day job (which involves writing and comissioning questions, proofreading questions, uploading questions to the internet, answering questions about the questions, conducting school sessions and courses…. maybe my day job DOES constitute preparation for the UKCAT!)

Sign in felt a bit more formal this year. I was sent to the back of the queue for a rogue £5 in my jeans pocket! However – I was ushered to my cubicle and started my test a few minutes early.

Verbal Reasoning is one of my favourite sections. There was mainly the ‘long style’ questions with only three ‘true, false, can’t tell’ question sets. I just about got through in the time and had about thirty seconds to review one or two flagged questions. I found the subject matters very varied – some of them a bit too technical for my liking!

Quantitative Reasoning is not one of my favourite sections! The timing here is very very tight! There were 8 single questions which weren’t part of a set of four. I kept accidentally closing down the calculator instead of cancelling (d’oh!) and found it frustrating that wherever the calculator was placed on the screen it obscured either the data set or the question. I didn’t need my notepad as much as usual for this section – I think I was able to do a bit more in my head. A couple of times I did the calculations, arrived at an answer and found it wasn’t in the options! Oh dear! Early on I re-did my sums, later I just went with what was closest to the answer I had arrived at!

Last year I got a 900 in Abstract Reasoning and spotted a rule in most sets…. not so this year! A couple I spotted quickly. A few I didn’t see at all, even after extensive staring and brow-furrowing! I had one ‘new style’ AR set – the type 4 one.

Decision Analysis is always my weakest section. I concentrated REALLY hard this time. I thought I was really getting somewhere but some of the questions seemed (to me!) to be so ambiguous.

Situational Judgement was fine! I whizzed through, check through again and still had ten minutes to spare.

Anyway… the moment you have been waiting for:

  • Verbal Reasoning 760
  • Quantitative Reasoning 890
  • Abstract Reasoning 740
  • Decision Analysis 660
  • Situational Judgement Band 1


So a total score of 3050 – not too shabby! Not quite the heights of last year but we’ll have to see in October if the score range, and percentiles, are broadly similar before I know how I did in comparison to the cohort as a whole.

And that’s it! I am already looking forward to sitting it in 2015!!!



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