SJT: Key Domains – Respect

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July 12, 2014 by Emedica

Situational Judgement is a tricky section to teach because, unlike the other sections, there really are no ‘rules’. There are plenty of guidelines and suggestions but, as the clue is in the name, your job is to ‘judge the situation’. Every situation and scenario will be unique and you have to look carefully at all the details.

One theme which will run through many scenarios is the importance of respect.

  • Patients

The people you care for deserve to be treated properly. The days of ‘Doctor God Complex’ are thankfully over and doctors are expected to work *with* patients in providing care and treat them as equals.

  • Colleagues

The important thing to remember here is that colleagues is not just the other doctors…. it’s the nurses, the porters, the receptionists, the cleaners, the security staff. Medicine is a team sport and everyone needs everyone else.

  • The institution

If you are studying at a university, or working in a hospital, it is important to remember that you represent that institution. I am sure you’ve heard head teachers stress that whilst you’re wearing the school uniform you are representing the school…. well a similar thing applies.

  • The profession

The public expect, rightly, higher standards of integrity and behaviour from their professional people – especially from doctors.

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