UKCAT preparation…. without the questions!

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July 30, 2014 by Emedica

There’s not really any substitute for practising with actual questions when you’re preparing for the UKCAT but when your head is spinning from the time pressure and the complexity of the questions you can take a break from them without stopping entirely! Here’s some ideas for other things you can do:


  • Verbal reasoning – find some quality newspapers or journals and read the articles. Try to spot the definite qualifiers which tell you something is true, or untrue, rather than a matter of opinion. See if you can speed up your reading. See what you can deduce from the text which is not directly stated.
  • Quantitative reasoning – back to basics for maths skills! It’s only GCSE maths but you might be rusty so get to BBC GCSE Bitesize (or similar) and practice your percentages, conversions, areas, volumes, ratios and so on.
  • Abstract reasoning – have a go at writing some of these…. I know it sounds odd but when you’ve thought about the tricks a question writer might use to throw you off the scent then you’ll be more likely to spot them! Why not write some for a friend and have them write some for you.
  • Decision Analysis – rather than translating entire codes try and think of as many words which could be coded using one of the code tables! Pick random words and see if you can code them!
  • Situational Judgement – Watch some medical dramas and see what scrapes the hapless medics find themselves in due to not following procedure, or shouting at a patient, or posting something nasty on social media! (Not too much of this – I can’t imagine that watching endless episodes of Casualty and ER will look much like exam preparation to your mum!)


We have over 100 free UKCAT questions for you to try. We also have over 2000 fully updated UKCAT questions, with the same screen layout as the real thing. The service reflects all the new changes for the current year.

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