What is the point of UKCAT Decision Analysis?

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August 12, 2014 by Emedica

A lot of UKCAT candidates quite enjoy the Decision Analysis section so aren’t quite as grumpy about whether it is relevant to their aspirations to study medicine or dentistry. It’s been the highest scoring section for a couple of year so students are clearly quite good at it as well.


Here’s what the UKCAT say about it:


The Decision Analysis Test assesses the ability to make decisions in situations of uncertainty. It requires candidates to make informed judgements with information that is incomplete, complex and ambiguous. Using a deciphering scenario, the test requires a move from logical reasoning to decisions requiring increasing degrees of judgement.

The associated confidence rating for each item asks you to rate how confident you feel about the response you have provided.  It measures your awareness of your own decision making.

The purpose of this test is to see how well you can make judgements when information is presented in non-standard and perhaps confusing formats. Medical Practitioners have to make sense of medical histories which contain information in different formats and are often incomplete. Information in journals may be presented in unfamiliar formats and you will need to draw conclusions from this.

There is considerable ambiguity in the Decision Analysis section and this is deliberate. They are looking to see how good you are at choosing the best option from a group of poor (or good) choices and also at how aware you are when the decision you’ve made is based on poor data.


The confidence rating is not currently scored by the UKCAT but it is likely that it will be within a couple of years as it complements the core aims of this section so well.


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