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June 3, 2015 by Emedica

It really does feel very unfair! This time last year you were still in the thick of your GCSE exams. You’ve endured the first year of A-levels, taken a hatful of AS exams and now you absolutely deserve some time off to enjoy summer….. but your aspriations to medicine or dentistry dictate that you have to take the UKCAT while you should be sunbathing / playing games / binge watching TV shows on Netflix / having coffee with your friend / sleeping! I get it and I sympathise!

UKCAT isn’t an easy test. It’s not like the AS exams you’ve just revised for and taken so your proven and tried and tested revision strategy may not help you here. It’s a lot more like the 11+ you may have taken some years back, or the IQ tests you’ve done.

Fear not however – we’re here to help! Here’s some step by step instructions on how to get started!

1. Register with Pearson Vue and book your UKCAT

You do this here:

Book as early a date as you can reasonably manage – that way it is not only cheaper but also you get some time off afterwards to enjoy summer. Also – people taking the UKCAT earlier usually do better as they’re the well organised, self starting types.

2. Read the information on the UKCAT site, and this blog!

Find out about the exam before you start looking at questions. Make sure you know about each of the sections and the types of questions you’re going to encounter. You will also pick up a few strategies and ideas about how you might tackle each question type.

3. Do the free practice questions on the UKCAT site and elsewhere

There’s 100 free questions here

Don’t worry about timing at this stage. You’re just getting used to the format and level.

4. Invest in extra practice

This could be a book, an online subscription or a course. All can be useful but choose carefully to make sure you have a service which is up to date with the current format and is the best value for money.

5. Practice under timed conditions

You can do this most easily using online resources

6. Use non UKCAT resources to hone your skills

Quicken up your mental maths, increase your reading speed….

7. Do at LEAST one full timed mock


And then let us know how you get on!


We have over 100 free UKCAT questions for you to try. We also have over 2000 fully updated UKCAT questions, with the same screen layout as the real thing. The service reflects all the new changes for the current year.


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