Central and East England Medical Schools and the UKCAT

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August 19, 2015 by Emedica

Our intrepid tour of the UK and her medical schools has now arrived in the Midlands…. and will wander Eastwards too!

University of Birmingham, School of Medicine

Birmingham has only joined the UKCAT consortium in 2015 (for 2016 entry) and details about the way they would use it within their admissions have only recently been published…. so hot off the press….

Birmingham will select for interview based on their own ‘threshold’ score which will be compiled using 70% academic criteria and 30% UKCAT score. They cannot publish any ‘cut off’ until they receive applications but do stress that a higher score will be advantageous. They will weight all four cognitive sections equally and use the SJT banding as part of their interview.

UKCAT scores will also be used to rank post interview waiting lists.


University of Buckingham

The university of Buckingham is a new, independent, medical school. It does not require applicants to sit the UKCAT.

University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine

Cambridge is not part of the UKCAT consortium and requires candidates to sit the BMAT.

University of East Anglia – Norwich Medical School

UEA do not set a minimum UKCAT score but stress that it is unusual for a candidate with a UKCAT score of below 2400 to be invited for interview.


Keele University, School of Medicine

For 2016 entry any candidate who scores in the bottom 20% in the UKCAT will not be considered (for 2015 this would equate to a score of 2310).

Keele University also uses the UKCAT in borderline cases to select between two otherwise similar applicants.

Whilst the SJT section is not used in their admissions Keele does note that no one with a SJT band 4 was offered a place in 2014.


University of Leicester, Leicester Medical School

Leicester score you – up to a maximum of 68 points – to select for interview. You academic profile can give you up to 34 points and your UKCAT can also give you up to 34 points (hence there’s a 50/50 weighting).

Your UKCAT score for Leicester is your total score divided by 100 – a score of 3000 will get you 30 points for example.

They will use your SJT score as part of their Virtual Multiple Mini Interviews – assuming you get that far in the process.

As with other universities – Leicester cannot tell you what score will guarantee an interview as each cohort is slightly different.


The University of Nottingham, Faculty of Medicine

Nottingham state that they do not have a cut off score – however a good UKCAT would clearly be advantageous as they select for interview based on a score derived from GCSE results and UKCAT score and the UKCAT score accounts for 71% of this score. If you are in the top 50% of this list then your application will be considered further and your personal statement and references will be read and scored. The two scores (GCSE / UKCAT and personal statement / references) will be added together to select for interview.


University of Oxford

Oxford University is not a member of the UKCAT consortium. Applicants are required to take the BMAT.

University of Warwick, Warwick Medical School

Warwick is an all graduate course, there are no places for school leavers or undergraduates.

Warwick use a UKCAT cut off score – but this varies from year to year depending on the average cohort score and their applicants. There is information about the scores for recent years which indicate a top 10% score is the norm.

They will not be using the SJT score for selection for 2016 entry.


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