Southern England’s Medical Schools and the UKCAT

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August 24, 2015 by Emedica

Our journey around the UK has now reached the sunny (?!) south!

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

BSMS asks applicants to sit the BMAT.

University of Bristol, Faculty of Medicine

The University of Bristol is not part of the UKCAT consortium. It does not ask for any other admissions tests and judges solely on UCAS form and interview.

University of Exeter Medical School

Exeter are somewhat vague about exactly how much they weight the UKCAT and only state that they sort applications according to academic profile and overall UKCAT score in order to select for interview. Non school leavers are required to take GAMSAT,

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry / Peninsula Medical School

Plymouth have published two years of UKCAT threshold information (entry 2013 and 2014) which shows that they look both at section score and overall score. It looks like they broadly consider applicants in the top half of the pool.

Non school-leavers are required to sit the GAMSAT.

University of Southampton, School of Medicine

Applicants to the BM4 and BM5 courses (graduate and undergraduate entry) are ranked by UKCAT score (assuming they meet minimum academic criteria) in order to select for interview.

Currently the University of Southampton don’t use the SJT subtest.

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