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April 29, 2016 by Emedica

Since the news that Decision Analysis was being dropped and Decision Making being introduced there has been regular checks from the team on the official website. The initial screenshot examples posed more questions than they answered and we awaited the proper example questions with excitement and a little trepidation!

And today they appeared!

I have looked through the practice questions and done the section in Practice Test A

The section is interesting. Some of it is like a mini version of the Verbal Reasoning section. Other bits are reminiscent of the Quantitative Reasoning section – more data interpretation than numeracy. Some of the questions seem very subjective (although maybe I see it that way because I got them wrong!).

I’ll be looking much more carefully at this section in the coming weeks but my initial advice to you all is…. VENN DIAGRAMS!!! There’s a lot of them!

I really think that this is a section anyone would benefit from practice. There seems to be a few skills necessary which could and would definitely speed up if used.

The vital statistics are – there’s 29 questions and 31 minutes (32 including the instruction minute).

I’ll report back more fully when I’ve had time to properly look at the questions. Let me know what you think when you’ve had a look too.




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