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  1. Booking the UKCAT Test – 2 weeks stress

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    September 15, 2010 by Emedica

    What a couple of weeks I have had! Mid-July I had started studying for the UKCAT and was already feeling great after finding myself a better strategy for the verbal reasoning section thanks to practicing online . I decided to book the exam for the end of July. To my amazement, although the test center in Finland was in the system, there were no open dates! Frantically I called up the test center and found out that as my luck would have it, all of the officials were on holiday…… all at once!

  2. Everyone but admissions can see the doctor in me…..

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    August 31, 2010 by Emedica

    Well, I didn’t get the opportunity to show my dedication and ambition last year as I did not receive interview offers. This time around, I intend on being smarter in my choices and far more successful (fingers crossed).

    The amount of research I’ve been conducting lately on medical schools in UK is near-comparable to the time I’ve put into investigating articles for my Master’s thesis! Last year I did the same but then as a first-time applicant to the UK, a huge chunk of time went just into figuring out the entire process. So far this year I’ve only made up my mind on one university. When you come to applying for medicine via a non-conventional route you really have to dig into the entry requirements of all the schools available.

  3. The journey so far……

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    August 9, 2010 by Emedica

    What led me here? – working towards my Master’s in Economics and Business having worked with success but without fulfilment in the banking sector and now hoping to give up the lucrative career that awaits me to go back to school for at least a decade.

  4. The Paradox: To be a typical med school applicant you have to be out to prove you are not a typical med school applicant.

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    July 19, 2010 by Emedica

    The Paradox: To be a typical med school applicant you have to be out to prove you are not a typical med school applicant.

    My name is Nabila. This is my first ever blog and I’m really pleased that UKCATPrep.com have offered me this opportunity.

    I hope that sharing my experiences will give my readers someone they can relate to and let them know they are not alone – I am going through it with you and UKCATPrep.com are here to help.

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